Sunday, August 21, 2011

Healthy Travel

Knowing what to pack and how to maintain one's health when travelling is always a challenge! Obviously checking the weather for your destination can help with the first problem (along with the good sound advice of a loved one who will let you know whether certain items are a definite NO!), but health necessities take a bit more thought. Here are a few basic suggestions for the health dilema:

1. digestive enzymes if food indulgence is on the list of activities!
2. vitamin D if heading somewhere less than sunny,
3. vitamin C to keep immunity up for stress on body during travel
4. probiotics to keep gut healthy (Trophic has product that's stable at room temp)
5. olive leaf extract as antibacterial/antiviral

With these tips, plus an open mind to new experiences, any vacation can be better!

Bon Voyage!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Breaking Records

Yes, it's been quite some time since my last post. Truth be told, I'm writing them in my mind all the time! But this is no time for excuses. This has been a great summer. Save a broken wrist I sustained a few weeks ago while rollerblading. Without wrist guards. My fault entirely. First break of my life, and the pain of resetting it has made me a firm believer in wrist guards...guards of all sorts, really!

But UNTIL that fated incident, my summer consisted of a beautiful new addition to our family--a nine year old, one-eyed basset hound named Riley, a great new Opus bike I was, until recently, riding everywhere I could, fresh farmer's market goodies, evening walks with my husband and dog, good books, good meals with good friends, and excellent weather (something about my Mediterrean blood which adores the heat and humidity, perhaps).

So, while not working out as planned, this summer is teaching me to be grateful for everything in my life, people and limbs alike. Plus, I an now able to perfectly crack an egg with my left hand!